Happy Birthday!

To the greatest sister and friend I could ask for – happy bday, yarbs!  The big celebration was on Sunday at Berry Hill (the gay one, where a DJ starts to spin at 4pm – very fun!).

A ton of her friends came out to celebrate – which was great!  I had met most of them before, but Boom hadn’t so he really enjoyed meeting them all.

I had the great idea of getting Yarbs a Patron tequila shot – but since I hate doing shots, I forced Boom to be the instigator.  He wasn’t that hard to convince.  I figured, since it was her bday, she should be drunk!


After!  Don’t let that face fool you – she loved it!

Boom was a little apprehensive, as Josephine kept saying to Yarbs, It was Boom’s idea, and, It wasn’t my idea, and things to that nature.  But it was all in good birthday celebratory fun!

Today we are going to go to lunch and then I’ll see her tonight to watch some DVR’ed shows:  The Bachlorette (a guy I went to high school with is one of the guys – Brian W. from Texas, looks like he made it through the first cut!  and wow, he looks different!), Gossip Girl (yay!) and then the Idol finale.  Just so glad that I am here and able to spend lots of time with Yarbs – making up for all those years we lived so far away!


3 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday E!!! I am so proud of you for doing the patron shot! Enjoy the bachelorette tonight ladies!!

  2. Thanks for celebrating my bday with me! I am so happy that you guys are here!

  3. The B-Day party was a fun event. Although I was feeling it the next day. We will have to get Tingaling her very own shot of Patron on June 3rd for her 29th b-day.

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