never seen a car so full

We really loaded the Accord down when we drove to H-town… Ruby had the best seat in the house! I was glad we did not stop – I would have been scared someone could have robbed us of many of our worldly possessions. As it was, I was scared that someone was going to rear end us (not sure why I had this fear) – which they did not, thank goodness, but that would have been a huge pain in the arse.

Backseat – behind passenger (moi) – so I was not able to put my seat back.

Princess Ruby – behind driver seat (Boom; he literally drove almost all 20 hours. I think I may have gotten behind the wheel for 3-4 hours. But, to my credit, I didn’t just snooze like I usually do on roadtrips. I stayed awake most of the time to make sure Boom was still awake! Really, I think he preferred to drive b/c the drivers seat was less crowded than the passenger seat).

Passenger seat – jammed packed! and those are my lovely knees…

Driver – this is definitely a fake smile on Boom, either that or he is grimacing so hard it looks like a smile.

Our trusty Garmin (that I like to call a Tomtom), Lorraine, that got us to H-town and is getting us all over this city. Tho pushy sometimes, she is usually right on.

We’ve been here now a full week – kinda almost surreal. But good. and warm… very very warm….


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