So we are Texans now / again, as evidenced by our State of the Arts personalized plate:

It’s cool, right, to have personalized plates?  and to live out in The Woodlands (hours away from the city proper of Houston)?

Ha – just kidding, we definitely do not have personalized plates (the above picture was doctored in Photoshop) and we are residing well inside the loop!

We just need to get our driver’s licenses and then it will really be quite official.  Also, in approx. 8 days, I’ll be changing my cell phone number to a (713) number – and after that it will definitely be official!  No turning back…

And once the USPS offical recognizes our home address, we’ll be all set.  Evidently it is a new address (tho I  think there was once a house here that got razed so our house could get built) and has been put in the USPS system, but it just takes a while for the system to fully recognize it.

I even have a yard guy (and his uncle).  Now we’re really putting down roots!


2 responses to “Official

  1. HA – I have that license plate! Not the Boom part, obviously, but the State of the Arts design, with random numbers/letters. 🙂

    Congrats on being official tho! I can understand the new DL excitement b/c I just got my new (married name) license in the mail, and went skipping around the house. Yee-haw!!

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