Red Sisters

For an additional $200 and no added features except making me smile every time I see them, we got a fire engine RED! washer and dryer set.

When we were at Best Buy purchasing them, I was really fine with white. It was the cheapest and who really cares about the color of your washer and dryer, right? But Boom convinced me to go with RED! since those were the ones I was initially drawn to… and I am glad that we did! (I think and add’l $200 didn’t seem so bad to Boom ’cause the really pretty stainless steel ones were an add’l $2000!)

I love looking at them and seeing them in my lovely mud room makes me smile. Yarbs came over today and saw them and she was all, they are so cute! and I was all, I KNOW! Her theory is that Boom is hoping the RED! will entice me to do laundry more often. We’ll see about that…

I did do my first load this morning (sheet) and used the steam setting (on both washer and dryer) – and the sheets do seem to be cleaner than they ever were in the Ric. That is probably all in my mind.

But the steam dryer setting did really cut down on static electricity, like it said it would. I have stopped using dryer sheets (ran out of the in the Ric and didn’t want to get a new pack since we were moving) and sometimes static cling can be an issue. I went to Whole Foods to see about getting some enviro-friendly dryer sheets, but they all had major essential oil smells, so I couldn’t do it. With this steam dryer setting, it seems that I won’t need dryer sheets ever again (which is the most enviro-friendly, to not use dryer sheets at all)!

Wow, I can’t believe I just typed that. Seems that my life is pretty boring these days, when I am getting excited about not using dryer sheets. Sorry, will try to find more exciting fodder for this blog!


3 responses to “Red Sisters

  1. I *heart* them!

  2. Omg, they are beautiful!! I would be doing laundry all day.

    Ok, maybe not, but I would enjoy it more when I was in there!! Definitely worth the xtra $200.


  3. I love them! I’m not sure I’d do more laundry any more often, but I still love them. Well worth the 20 bones.

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