Veggie Dog

I got Ruby some veggie dog food yesterday:

One of the benefits that is actually written on the back of the food bag is “Lover Lower Stool Volume” – too funny!

Last night I thought Ruby liked it – I am mixing it in with her meat based food (no byproducts, though) until the meat based food runs out. She ate her bowl of mixed kibble lickety-split. But this morning, I can actually hear her stomach growling, and she refuses to eat her mixed kibble.

She was begging me to get her veggie dog food – not wanting to contribute to the suffering of her fellow animals and to do her part to help save the environment – and now she pulls this?! I am not going to worry, once she is hungry enough, she will bust into the mixed kibble. She is so moody…

One response to “Veggie Dog

  1. Is the benefit “Lower Stool Volume” or in fact “Lover Stool Volume.” I mean I know that you are a huge fan of Rube’s stool, but “Lover” seems like a strong descriptor.

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