Food these days

Although we moved down to H-town will just the bare necessities, we are  getting by.  I am cooking a little, mainly when Boom is around, but also just to eat healthy.

Yum!  A poor man’s succotash over spinach and French lentils… used organic frozen corn and edaname, and just tore up some spinach (the heat from the lentils and succotash wilts the spinach), and put it all over French lentils.  Has been my lunch for the past 2 days!

A day or so before we left Richmond, we went to the local healthy grocery store, Ellwood Thompsons, and grabbed dinner.  I had quinoa topped with their fancier succotash.  Since then, I have been a little bit obsessed with making it – I have already made it once with quinoa for Boom.  I think he liked it, but that it didn’t fill him up all the way.

That is the problem these days – since I am not cooking meat, Boom is growing thinner and thinner.  I feel kinda bad, but I do think he eats meat at lunch and when we go out to eat, which is fairly often.

I wish I would grow thinner and thinner – but my crazy cheese tooth isn’t helping that any…

Today I finished all but a little nub of the cheese.  Figured I could save that for Boom tonight – likely should have saved him a little more – opps!


2 responses to “Food these days

  1. That looks yummy! You must make for me one day 🙂

  2. i don’t think that the little sliver of cheese shown in the last photo made it through the rest of the day. When I got to the house there was no evidence that cheese had ever been in the refrigerator. Just Tingaling passed out on the floor in a dairy overdose induced coma. She was repeating something in a mumbling voice that sounded like “Where is my cracker?” I wasn’t sure if she was hallucinating about scroring another hit of cheese or calling out to me for help.

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