Storming the Kremlin of Your Heart

As part of our “getting to know H-town” plan, Boom and I plan to do at least 1 cultural thing a month.  Houston has a great Theater District with an opera, ballet, symphony and, of course, a theater.  Which is one of the benefits of living in a big city, one that we fully intend to take advantage of!

For this month, on Saturday we went to Jones Hall to hear the Houston Symphony play along with Pink Martini.  I had heard of Pink Martini from a friend in Richmond.  She had never actually seen them live, but had a friend who saw them in London and said it was a great show.  So we got tickets, not really knowing what to expect…

The first half of the night was the Houston Symphony – which was great.  It reminded me of my old orchestra days – kinda made me wish I had kept playing the violin.  The conductor was not the usual conductor, but rather a young guy.  He talked in between arrangements and really made the symphony seem accessible and intimate.  Not something I was used to, but I liked it.  The last 2 arrangements they did (they did a sort of world tour of music) were Santana and Gloria Estefan – a little odd, but definite crowd pleasers.  It does make me wonder, however, if these classically trained musicians mind playing popular music.

The second half was Pink Martini.  I had never heard them before (knowingly), and I really enjoyed them!  A lot of their music sounded very familiar, maybe because a lot was from the 40’s and 50’s.  They did have a very global feel to their music. I want to download both their albums (and will do so once the main home computer is down here)!  And they were funny – not taking themselves too seriously.  Their lyrics were fun and I really had a good time listening to them.

The founder and lead singer went to Harvard (that is where they met) and studied things in the field of performing arts.  That also made me think – my parents would have flipped out (with happiness) if I had gone to Harvard, but then also flipped out (been very upset) if I had studied drama or anything really too art-related.  I guess it just goes to show, if you are following your heart, success will follow.  And that going to Harvard is never a bad choice 😉


2 responses to “Storming the Kremlin of Your Heart

  1. I will second the accolades that Tingaling has heaped upon “Pink Martini.” They were a witty group with a unique selection of music. I would say that our first Houston artistic venture was an indisputed success. We will keep you posted about the upcoming events and provide reviews in a timely manner. I was like Tingaling starving by the time that the show let out. Fortunately Tingaling had made another cheese run that morning so we were had snack materials readily available at the house.

  2. You guys have only been here a couple weeks and are already more cultural than we have been in the past 8 years! I just don’t see Hoover sitting through a symphony. He fell asleep when we went to see Phantom (granted, it was on Sunday afternoon after we spent a day in the pool drinking)!

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