This is How Funny Boom is…

A comment from my last post from Boom, but I thought it hilarious enough to bring in as a guest blog:

It is time to “Pull the Plug” on the myth that Peanut Butter and Cheese are not natural snacking compatriots. Recent archealogical findings support the combination of cheese and peanut butter all the way back to the stone age. Rudimentary cave drawings and handtools indicate the wooly mammoth milk was churned into cheese and combined with a milled peanut based past to create a tasty snack used to help the neanderthal man survive the long cold winter seasons. It is believed that this snack was also used by the Norse warriors and trappers to help survive the long treks across Iceland and Greenland on big game hunts.

It was not until the late 1800s early 1900s that the two staples took inexplicably different paths when peanut butter was combined with jam/jelly/bananas and other sweet fruit flavored products while cheese was combined with salty meats.
Theorists believe that it was the invention of the ice-box that was the driving force in the separation of these products.

The cheese and peanut-butter sandwich made a strong come-back in the late 1960s when NASA combined this tasty snack with a sweet orange drink TANG as the primary food source for astronauts training for the “moon misssion.” if you watch closely you can actually see that Neal Armstrong has a cheese and peanut-butter sandwich in his hand just prior to emerging from the space capsule to set foot on the moon.

The snack has ebbed and flowed since with the tide of numerous faddish American diets that have swept the nation.
A few noble individuals, such as Boom Boom, have made efforts to make sure that this treasure is not lost and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

We should all take a minute to show our appreciation for these individuals (cowboys/pilgrims/enablers/patriots/barrons/financiers) whatever you might call them!


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