Team Sea Lion

I am headed to San Diego today for the marathon this Sunday! Boom and Kandy A will be running. Cubby, myself and Gretty will be spectating (well, Gretty may run the last few miles with Boom). Kandy A will likely be running a 3:15 – 3:20. Boom, who really stopped training a while ago, says the writing is on the wall and that there is nothing else that he can do… so he’s shooting for a 4:00 time. Will just be great to take a little trip and see some of gals and hang out.

I had grand plans of making a sign and t-shirts for all of us, but being in flux has been much harder than I thought it would be. So none of that stuff this time (unlike Austin) – perhaps next time. I think Boom is going to sign up for Houston (which I did back in 2006) – it is a good one, and since we live here, it will be easy, in terms of logistics. I hope some of Team Sea Lion decide to sign up for it as well!

I haven’t been to SD since I was in lower school – going to Sea World and that sort of thing. With all the stuff that has been going on with the move, I really haven’t had time to do any research or plan anything out. Luckily, Cubby has been on the ball about that stuff. And Gretty has a friend who lives there that may be taking us around to the local spots.

Likely I won’t be able to post until I get back home on Sunday night, so wish Boom luck (Kandy A doesn’t need it) and ciao for now!


2 responses to “Team Sea Lion

  1. Good luck Boom! I’m sure he will do great!
    P.S. If he wants to do Houston, I would sign up ASAP because it sells out. Joe is already signed up and I am doing the half. Tingaling, you should do the half as well, if you haven’t gained any weight 😉

  2. Joe ran this last year and loved it!! Good luck and have a blast in SD!!

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