Packing – Day 1

Packing up of the house commenced today.  and it was quite an experience.  At the height of it, there were 7 people in the house – 4 packers, 1 handyman, 1 chandelier crater, and 1 moving company person.  Craziness.  Since I like to be in control, it was hard for me to see other people packing up all my stuff, all over the house, and not being able to watch all of them as they were packing.  But I just had to let it go.

I know that it is great that we are having the house packed up, but at the same time, it was very odd and overwhelming.   Every last thing was packed up in the bathroom before I could pull any of it out!  Note to self – make them tell you when they are moving on to the next room.  or put all your toiletries aside before they come (headed to the drugstore to buy travel sized items of most everything)!  At least I have learned some stuff for the next time we move (hopefully not for a long, long time) – I think the unpacking will be just a chaotic – esp if my mom and dad are there to “help”.  I just need to assign them a room and kinda what I expect them to do.  

AND we have a cracked stacked pipe from the upstairs bathroom.  Which means our handyman will need to open up the wall for the plumber to see where the crack starts and stops.  Then fix it and then handyman will need to patch the wall back up and paint.  Great.  This is when the tears started flowing.  I had kinda felt like crying all morning, and definately after I saw the water leaking on the basement floor, but when that news was delivered, I couldn’t help it.  I did prepare our handyman and plumber, as I knew the waterworks were going to start. 

Oh yea, happy birthday to me.  Fun times.  I need a drink ASAP STAT!


5 responses to “Packing – Day 1


    Just remember, it will all be worth it in the end… are moving to a gorgeous home……in texas!!!!


  2. p.s. Don’t forget to read my e-card, it will definitely make you smile!!!

  3. Awww Tinger! I am sorry you had to pack up your life on your bday and I hope you have had a drink already!
    love you tons and tons!

  4. happy happy birthday, don’t worry about all those little things..
    life is good and bright….

    happy birthday again..

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