Avoid this combo

Lots to post updates on and I guess I never posted past the first day of packing.  I meant to, but just didn’t happen.

We are back in H-town… Yesterday we swept, dry mopped and then wet mopped all the floors in the house.  Fun times.  Not that they were really dirty, per se, but more dusty, especially with Geroninmo coming in and building built-ins as well as changing the fireplace mantel.

(Here are the lovely new cleaning tools we bought – I think they are so nicely branded and pretty, in a way.  Hopefully that keeps me willing to use them…)

We had to clean all the floors b/c we want to paper them tonight before the movers come tomorrow.  I am just really afraid that our new floors will get hacked up with all the furniture and boxes coming in.  So we are gonna do what we can to minimize that.

Anyway, we took a break and had some cherries.  Cherries are my favorite fruit in the world.  Basically, the month that they are in season, I will eat and eat and eat them (washed and cold – I am not a big fan of cooked cherries, like in pies) until I am so sick of them that I can’t put another one in my mouth.  Then by the time they are in season next year, I will have missed them so and the cycle starts again.

So I washed a big bowl of them, and Boom maybe had 5.  I probably had around 50 of them.  Yum.  Delicious.  We did some more work and then decided to have some cheese and bread before dinner.  My cheese tooth was in full effect.  and I had gotten us some 10-grain, very hearty bread from Central Market.  I noticed that my tummy was kinda gurgling, but I ignored and just continued on with my cheese and bread snack.

After showering, my tummy was in full revolt.  I had the worst tummy ache I’ve had in recent history!  I literally had to go immediately to bed, only to awaken a couple hours later with an aching tummy.  I guess my intestines / stomach didn’t like the combination of cheese and cherries.  I was a tooting machine last night.  Good thing it didn’t bother Boom or Ruby – they were sound asleep when awoke again.

Now I am rather wary of cheese and cherries – I will really have to show some self-restraint in the future.  But please learn from my mistake and never mix the two!


3 responses to “Avoid this combo

  1. Ole Cherry Cheese Butt had Ruby hiding under the bed. I htink she thought it was a thunder storm or the 4th of July. With the ryhtmic bursting of Ting’s toots who could blame the poor thing.

  2. Cherries, cheese, and toots……..now I know why we are such good friends!!!!!

  3. I’m glad I wasn’t there to experience the toots first hand 😉

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