Beating Them Off with a Bat

The trip to San Diego was great! That Thursday, Cubs and I were the only ones that came in early, so we met at the car rental place (which was off site and really far away! I was convinced it was in a different zip code) and got our brand new Suzuki SUV – kind of a random car, but better than a 15-passenger van, which is what they tried to give us at first.

Here’s our odometer reading only 6 miles!

We went into Little Italy for a snack pre-dinner / going out. Got a yummy cheese plate. Luckily for me Cubby had done some leg work before the trip. She had even gotten a book – and little did we know what we were getting ourselves into with the “Trendy Bars and Hip Single Scene”.

After freshening up, we went into the Gas Lamp district – started out at the rooftop bar at the W hotel that had actual sand. Too bad we increased the population at the bar by a third – it was also very windy and cold! So we only stayed there for a couple drinks.

We headed to where we ate dinner at the bar. Well, my dinner was the same as our snack – a cheese plate. Sometimes it is not so fun being a veggie. But the bar was cool – kinda deserted, but it was a little early for a Thursday night. By the time we finished dinner, there was a little scene developing. There was a DJ spinning, and lots of gals in short dresses or shorts. We started noticing a trend – that most of the folks there were Latin and the DJ was spinning dance music in Spanish!

I wish I had taken some snaps – they would have shown the men that were clamoring to meet Cubby! She needed one of those deli line number hander outers! If they weren’t trying to talk to her, they were winking at her from a few feet away. It was great – and there was lots of cologne going on. One business card that Cubby got was from a guy who wanted us to come to his hotel pool the next day! HA!

When we decided this was not exactly our scene, we headed off to another bar – The Bitter End – which was the exact opposite of Confidential – much more fratty and mostly all home slice dudes. Still, the guys were all about Cubby – and who could blame them?! She is so cute and looked awesome in her DVF sting ray dress – love it! There were guys at this bar telling me that my friend was very attractive (duh) and begging her to dance! Finally, I convinced her to dance with one of the poor chaps – I am sure he was in hog heaven!

When this was all going down, a little guy was talking to me. Blah blah blah, whatever whatever whatever. But the great fun was that I had him convinced I was a 2006 college grad!!! That was a definite high light of the night – and he didn’t even blink an eyelash! So silly since I don’t even think I look like I am 23 or 24 – hopefully I can still pass for late 20’s but def not early 20’s.

We stayed until last call – around 1:30am west coast time, but that was 430 for Cubs and 330 for me. We were beat.

Here we are at the beginning of the night…

Here we are at the end of the night. Not too much worse for the wear, just really tired…

Fun times! More SD updates later…


3 responses to “Beating Them Off with a Bat

  1. Cubby looks bombed in that 2nd picture while you look like you just got your second wind. I had no idea you were such a night owl Tingaling!!!!

  2. Looks fun! I look forward to seeing photos from the marathon!

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