Farewell, Richmond House

Some scenes from packing / moving week:

The first large purchase I ever made as a married woman – we had no where to sit in our dining room, but I came home with the largest chandelier I have ever seen. Boom, to his credit, loved the chandy, but was wondering when we’d get furniture. All crated up…

And here is the crating man (how would you like to be know as that?!) padding all the large crystals – and then the crate is packed full of paper for the ride down.

Boxes boxes everywhere!  No space – anywhere!  And we didn’t have any hot water the whole time we were back in the house – since we have no more oil in our tank, and don’t feel like outlaying $400+ to fill it when we aren’t even there.  (and most all of our toiletries were packed up – so no soap for the last day that we were in the house).

Our teeny little couch – legless, getting all wrapped up for the trip down.  I felt like he was making a cocoon around the couch!  We really didn’t have much upholstered furniture in the RIC house.  Not a bad thing, but that means we need a lot for this new house!

There was a whole lot of drama with the moving van, as they didn’t put up “No Parking” signs (even though I called and emailed them days before the actual moving out of boxes and stuff).  Highly irritating, but we worked it out.  The cab had to be unattached and parked across the street.  Boom and I – we are over all the moving!  and likely kinda sweaty and dirty 😉  Just call me pig pen…

So this is what they had to do to my bathroom wall to get into the wall to ascertain the damage – can you see why I cried?  and the toilet had to hand out in the shower for a while – very odd.

And here is the culprit – an 8-foot metal tube that had a huge crack nearly the entire length.  Evidently someone let the pipe freeze – way before we were ever the owners – and a tiny crack just got bigger and bigger.  and then we got to deal with it.  Fun times.

It was actually very sad to leave the house – the first house we ever bought!  and we were newlyweds in it and did a lot of growing up.  So a change of scenery is good, but always sad to leave the past behind.  We hope someone(s) will come and fall in love with it and be good owners.  It was a great first house and we want someone else to get to experience what we did in it (with an updated kitchen and custom built-ins!).


3 responses to “Farewell, Richmond House

  1. C’mon 2218 – show a little leg! Get out there and sell yourself!

  2. I like those photos documenting your move! I am sure someone will move in soon – how can anyone not love that house!

  3. I heart your chandelier! We bought one as one of our first engaged couple purchases last year….fancy stuff rocks….. hehe

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