Rockin’ Rock Band and good friends

For our last night in Richmond, we went over to our great friends house for dinner and to just hang out. M and Boom used to work together, and started at the same time after b-school – so we had all moved to RIC at the same time and lived just a few blocks away. K is such a great gal – she has an awesome sense of style (I always take notes when I see her!) and just is funny and a lot of fun to be around. She also is able to entertain in a casual, I’m-not-trying-too-hard kind of way that I am envious of.

Their 2 bambinos are adorable. G-man and Ollie – M and Boom were actually out of town together on a business trip when she went into labor with Ollie, so I was the one who drove her to the hospital! I remember being totally worried and freaked out, and looking over at K, she looked so calm and pulled together.

Here are the guys. “We are NOT twins!” – G-man. Clearly Ollie looks like K and G-man looks like M.

After dindin, we rocked it out playing Rock Band. So fun!

K only sings, and I am best on guitar. Drums is super hard. I did try singing once – wasn’t very pretty, but I managed to get through.

It was apropos that we spent our last night with them. Since we all moved here at the same time – and we actually spent our first 4th of July in Richmond with them as well!

Speaking of good taste…

I was so pleased to see my hostess gift of a silkscreen of The Fan was hanging up in their kitchen! I really am honored that K put it up, since she is rather particular about stuff like that.

Couple friends, where both hubby and wife get along with other hubby and wife, are hard to come by. So I am really sad that we left K & M – for many more reasons than just we got along great as couples.

K was one of my closest friends in RIC, not that we were on the phone constantly with each other, but that I knew I could tell her anything and depend on her if I needed anything. She was really great during the tragedy and really helped me get through it, and over it (as much as you can get over something like that).  and she sometimes surprised me with how much she got about me – like this move to H-town… one of the added benefits of moving was that people wouldn’t know about the tragedy and I wouldn’t have to wonder if they knew or what they knew of it.  Not that was a driving factor at all, but K got that it would be nice to kinda start over in that sense.  and it was something that I thought only Boom and I had considered.

Anyway, I digress… Rock Band was so fun and we totally miss M & K!


One response to “Rockin’ Rock Band and good friends

  1. Ooohh – I wanna play!

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