Scenes from unpacking

I had the brainiac idea to paper our floors before the movers came.  It actually was a good idea, but took a really long time (esp. the stairs!  We did each stair individually!) – in the end it was well worth it.  I think our floors would have been a lot more hacked up otherwise.  I did start to complain at one point the night we were papering, and Boom reminded me that it was my ideal to do this.  Hrump.

Here the house is – all papered and ready for stuff!

Here’s Marmie – all ready to check numbers off boxes!  She and dad were so sweet to come down and help unpack and get organized.

Of course it had to rain on moving day.  A little reprieve from the heat (can you see the steam rising from the driveway?!) – and break from moving.  It stopped after about an hour or less, and then back to the grind.

Boxes everywhere!  Good thing there is a lot of space!

Mom working hard – busy little bees, we were.  We got the kitchen in good shape before moving onto the living room, bedrooms and craft room.

With all those boxes came a lot of packing paper and cardboard.  The movers took a lot of that stuff – but since they did not do a full unpack (like planned – they weren’t done moving in the boxes until around 7pm, and they were the same folks that were supposed to unpack.  No way they were getting it done before midnight.  and I was super tired of having strangers in my house.  I think the moving company should have sent other people to unpack while they unloaded the boxes.  Oh well – at least Marm and Dad stayed for 6 days to help with all that!) there was a lot left for us to deal with.

Here is some of the boxes and paper we had to contend with.  We decided to break down all the boxes and smooth out all the paper, so that Boom & I can put it out for recycling.  Not all at once (there is way too much!), but bit by bit get it out there.

My cutie patootie parents!  They are really such good sports.

I thought the supply of paper and boxes was never ending.  It was a daunting task, but the 3/4 (Boom was also unpacking stuff in the garage / putting together the plastic shelving to organize the stuff in the garage) of us made it go by pretty quickly.  Nearly done…

Yay!  That is the last of it (kinda).  We have more boxes and paper that I need to break down and flatten out.  We took a good load to the curb today (recycling is on Wed) but have a ton left.  A few more weeks and we’ll have our garage back.  (Aren’t Dad’s shorts a hoot?!  All the neighborhood men had a pair and wore them with tux tops and jackets for the Beach Boys concerts!  Too funny!  I love that my parents go out a bunch and have a good time with their friends still!)

And here is the lovely chandy – all cleaned and ready to be hung.  Marm and I cleaned every little nook and crannie, quite literally.  We had Q-Tips that we were using to get into the really tight spots.  It was so clean and sparkly!

Here are my folks – right before they left H-town.  Their trip down was great, not just because they were a huge help to Boom and I, but all 6 of us got together for dinner nearly every night!  And Yarbs would come over during her lunch break (she literally works about 5 mins away from me).

The handy man came over earlier this week to put up the chandy in the dining room.  Starting to feel a bit more like home…


2 responses to “Scenes from unpacking

  1. I love the photos of unpacking. Marm and dad are too cute!

  2. I am happy I could be useful….

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