I guess this is why we have flood insurance

Yesterday afternoon it rained harder than I have ever seen – a deluge!

The water was as tall as the curb – filling all of our street. I was starting to get a little worried after the power went out and I could see the water licking at the end of our drive way… but then, all of the sudden, all the water that had been in the street was all gone. Seemed like someone had turned on a pump or something, as the rain was still coming down, but it just seemed to be draining a lot better.

Because of all the rain we have been getting, some little mushrooms have been sprouting up in our backyard!

Seems odd to me, but whatever. and Yarb raised a good question yesterday – do mushrooms have any nutritional value? I would think that they do, but they are a fungi…

Anyway, they say we may get more of the same today. Not a big deal, no real consequences to the yesterday’s deluge, except our door mat got soaked and now smells like mildew (it is drying out in the backyard) and the toilets flushing sounds a little bit odd. Maybe just because there is more water in the system? Hopefully they will go back to normal after the rain goes away. At least it is not raining and dreary here – it is sunny sunny sunny, and if it rains, the sun will come back out once it stops.


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