Drapes live again!

Sometimes home improvement projects at our house can turn into not so fun hours of cursing and a battle of Man Vs. Manmade.  So I always hesitate to ask Boom to undertake any home improvement project – and when I do ask, I am usually filled with dread and fear – and I always have my “Don’t worry, honey, we can get the handy man to do it” line ready to blurt out.  But our new handy man down here is not like our awesome handyman in RIC – he just isn’t as good, so it ends up taking a lot more time and thus costing more.

So that is why I asked Boom to put up a drapery rod I got in anticipation of our first “real” out of town (state, really!) visitor coming on Thursday.  (There is nothing better than someone coming to visit or throwing a party that will really spur me onto getting the house into order, or at least more order).  And this, our first home improvement project here in H-town, was relatively not too painful!  I was really proud of Boom and how well he did.

Prep stage – Boom always like to be prepared and plan out the task, almost a little too much, for my taste.  But that is why he always has all the tools he needs and if it were me, I’d have to make 5 trips to the garage for different items.

Nearly done!  Looks good – and not too many curses came out of his mouth.

Voila!  The finished project.  As a side note, Boom ordered the drapes from someplace like Pottery Barn about 10 years ago!  He used them in ATL when he lived there for a year, but then we just moved them around with us – they went from ATL, to Arlington, VA (3 different apts), then to C’ville then to RIC and now they are finally up again in H-town.  When we were in RIC, I wanted to cut them up to use them in craft projects – good thing Boom was smart enough to say, let’s wait until we get down to H-town.  I think they are just  stop gap drapes, but maybe I can line them and spruce them up… they literally are like new.


2 responses to “Drapes live again!

  1. Looks good! I am impressed with Boom’s handiness!

  2. I agree, it always kicks me into gear when I know we have visitors coming. Go Boom – quite impressive! 🙂

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