“Craft Monday…

… makes us tired!”  but was totally awesome!  As part of the new regime of being down here, Craft Monday finally got fully realized for the first time this past Monday.  It was great – we ran errands in the morning and organized my photos, had lunch, then crafted – hardcore – for the rest of the day!  Yarbs did 3 (!!!!!) scrap layouts for me (yay!) in 4 hours – that is really amazing.

Here she is with one of the layouts.  The theme was before and after or really, old photo and now…  Very cute – she did one of us (Yarbs and I), one of Boom and I and one of my first cruise (back in 2001) and my last cruise (this year!).

I was working hard on a birthday gift for a great friend back in RIC.  Which I finished yesterday and will be sending in the mail today (and who doesn’t love to get snail mail?!) – I won’t post any photos for a few days, just in case she may be popping over to this blog and I don’t want to kill the surprise.

This year, I am really goingto try to only make gifts for people, esp. people that are important to me.  I need to use up all the supplies I have collected through the years – paper crafting, fabric stuff, etc.  I have lots of materials to use, just need to execute!

Here we are at the close of our first ever Craft Monday.  Next Monday we are doing Tag Books!  I love spending time with Yarbs – and being creative at the same time.  ‘Tis a very good thing.


2 responses to ““Craft Monday…

  1. I wish I could have Craft Monday! Sounds much more fun than sitting here in my cube. Plus I have a huge empty album and supplies at home, along with photos from my friends from our wedding! Oh well, someday….

    Can you post a pic of the first/last cruise page? Love it!! hehe


  2. Yay! Can’t wait until next Monday!

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