Current Obsession

I love these:

I’ve always loved Cheetoes and other type of cheese curl snacks, but these Micheal Season’s Lite Cheese Curls are definitely my favorite by far!

I bet Boom has maybe eaten 10 of these, and I have likely eaten close to 5 bags of ’em since discovering them soon after arriving in H-town.  The other days I really wanted some and didn’t have any in the house, and I found myself “jonesing” for them – like I am a hard core smoker!  I guess I could have a worse vice than pigging out and hording cheese curls for myself.

I am also really enjoying flavored drinks these days.  Honest Teas are awesome b/c they are barely sweet – not syurpy sweet like most teas.  And I am also really liking Wild Oats Limeade.  I think it is the heat (well, duh), but you have to constantly stay hydrated down here, and sometimes water gets a little old.

I am excited for lunch today b/c Yarbs and I are going to heat up some of the choc chip cookies I made yesterday and top them off with light whip cream, sprayed from a can.  That could be one of my most favorite homemade desserts.


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