Productive Day & A Request

Lots got done today – 4 inches got chopped off my head! So I am a baldy, but in a good way. I needed a cut so badly! And she really thinned it out, so my pony is quite wee – which I love – but in a week… POUF and my thick-a$$ hair is back. At the end of my cut, I looked down and it looked like some very dark haired animals had gotten in a fight and were lying around on the floor. Actually kinda gross, and it is my own hair! Boom has coined the term “tingleweeds” for the tufts of hair that blow around our bathroom.

Made organic spelt – organic white flour chocolate chip cookies. I really wanted to use up my spelt flour – I usually use half whole wheat and half white flour. I also didn’t have any baking soda, so I subbed (double) baking powder and omitted the salt. They are still pretty tasty, despite the many variables I threw at the recipe.

A bit more delicate than the whole wheat version (and I really do enjoy the “heartiness” that whole wheat flour gives ’em) so likely won’t be rushing out to get more spelt flour any time soon.

Worked on another top secret project for a July birthday gal…

Yarbs was hoping I was making them for her, but I am not (sorry, Yarbs!).

Wrestled with the alarm company to get our system up and running. Dealing with them makes me sweat and want to claw my eyes out. So frustrating. At least they are sending a technician out – it only took 1.5 months, and many, MANY over 1 hour frustrating phone calls. I literally think they are like the Death Eaters in Harry Potter and suck the happiness and your will to live out of you, via the phone…

And, for my pal Al – here is the cruise (first and last one ever!) layout that Yarbs put together during Craft Monday:

(Al – You can click on the photo to make it bigger)

Hehehe – I guess somethings never change (our love of the Charlie’s Angels pose)!!! I guess I forgot to tell Carnival that I am never going on another cruise again, ’cause they keep sending me emails about cruises!  But aren’t we just too cute?!


4 responses to “Productive Day & A Request

  1. What was the request? I am looking forward to some cookies tomorrow!

  2. Al requested she post the scrap page.

  3. Aww, yay!!! Thanks for posting!! I love it. I can’t believe there were 7 years in between your FCE and LCE……so much has happened. The pose remains the same though! Nice work Yarbs!! 🙂


  4. The RIC misses you and John. See you in Sept.

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