Despite a death in her family, a funeral and an extremely delayed flight, Court is here!  Yay!  We’re so glad to have her!!!

She is a hugely rabid Red Sox fan, so she and Boom are really looking forward the the game tonight.  I am excited to go to Minute Maid Park and see the Sox (and Astros) play live.  The only 2 MLB teams I have ever seen live are the Rangers and the Orioles.  Hopefully I can get some cotton candy and a candied apple – Boom is all, We aren’t going to the circus – I’m not sure there will be candied applies. But I am still hopeful!

She’s been filling me in on all the goings on in Richmond in between her work appointments – lots happening, and she seems to have a lot of info!  And she is just a great girl – so positive, fun, full of life.  She’d do anything for her friends.  Makes me miss the RIC, or rather, the peeps in Richmond.

This is gonna be a great weekend!


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