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Gooooooo Veggie!

Boom had been a great sport with my whole going veggie, ’cause it basically means he has to go veggie, by default, since I won’t cook meat and I am usually dealing with meals we eat in the house.  So I decided to try a recipe that Oprah used during her 21-day cleanse.  A tofu wrap – it was delish!  And it met all my criteria for a try-worthy recipe – short ingredient list and few steps to make it.

I like to dabble in veganism, but not sure I could give up eggs and butter.  This wrap is vegan and really, it was so good!  Full of flavor and just very fresh tasting.

Boom really enjoyed it as well!  It says it serves 4 for lunch, but we gobbled all of it up – the 2 of us for our dinner.  I think even non-veggies would enjoy this, or I could replace the tofu with a white fish and make spicy fish wraps!  So many possibilities!


Drapes live again!

Sometimes home improvement projects at our house can turn into not so fun hours of cursing and a battle of Man Vs. Manmade.  So I always hesitate to ask Boom to undertake any home improvement project – and when I do ask, I am usually filled with dread and fear – and I always have my “Don’t worry, honey, we can get the handy man to do it” line ready to blurt out.  But our new handy man down here is not like our awesome handyman in RIC – he just isn’t as good, so it ends up taking a lot more time and thus costing more.

So that is why I asked Boom to put up a drapery rod I got in anticipation of our first “real” out of town (state, really!) visitor coming on Thursday.  (There is nothing better than someone coming to visit or throwing a party that will really spur me onto getting the house into order, or at least more order).  And this, our first home improvement project here in H-town, was relatively not too painful!  I was really proud of Boom and how well he did.

Prep stage – Boom always like to be prepared and plan out the task, almost a little too much, for my taste.  But that is why he always has all the tools he needs and if it were me, I’d have to make 5 trips to the garage for different items.

Nearly done!  Looks good – and not too many curses came out of his mouth.

Voila!  The finished project.  As a side note, Boom ordered the drapes from someplace like Pottery Barn about 10 years ago!  He used them in ATL when he lived there for a year, but then we just moved them around with us – they went from ATL, to Arlington, VA (3 different apts), then to C’ville then to RIC and now they are finally up again in H-town.  When we were in RIC, I wanted to cut them up to use them in craft projects – good thing Boom was smart enough to say, let’s wait until we get down to H-town.  I think they are just  stop gap drapes, but maybe I can line them and spruce them up… they literally are like new.

The Frenchie version of Ruby!

AMAZING!  This looks just like little Ruby (a Boston Lab – Boston terrier / Labrador retriever mix) if she was born a Frenchie…  just missing are the back white toes…

Wish I had a better photo of her, but she is camera shy!

I guess this is why we have flood insurance

Yesterday afternoon it rained harder than I have ever seen – a deluge!

The water was as tall as the curb – filling all of our street. I was starting to get a little worried after the power went out and I could see the water licking at the end of our drive way… but then, all of the sudden, all the water that had been in the street was all gone. Seemed like someone had turned on a pump or something, as the rain was still coming down, but it just seemed to be draining a lot better.

Because of all the rain we have been getting, some little mushrooms have been sprouting up in our backyard!

Seems odd to me, but whatever. and Yarb raised a good question yesterday – do mushrooms have any nutritional value? I would think that they do, but they are a fungi…

Anyway, they say we may get more of the same today. Not a big deal, no real consequences to the yesterday’s deluge, except our door mat got soaked and now smells like mildew (it is drying out in the backyard) and the toilets flushing sounds a little bit odd. Maybe just because there is more water in the system? Hopefully they will go back to normal after the rain goes away. At least it is not raining and dreary here – it is sunny sunny sunny, and if it rains, the sun will come back out once it stops.

Tingaling Homemaker

I haven’t been crafting much – with the move and all, I’ve had my hands full. Anyway, whilst unpacking, I came across Marm’s old, ratty yoga mat she gave to me many years ago as I was just started up practicing yoga. I used it for some time, but soon started finding bits and pieces of the blue mat stuck to my hands and feet. I got a new mat, but never threw away the old one – the thought of it in a landfill made me feel too guilty and literally kept me chucking it. I kept thinking I could come up with a new use for the old mat – and volia…

I cut up the mat and added some scallops…

..and created a lovely and durable under garbage can mat! (Our simplehuman butterlyfly trashcan, that I love, really hacked up the floor beneath it in the Richmond house, so I knew I needed to either put felt pads on the bottom of it or come up with another solution.) I love it! I kept opening the door to our pantry (where this all lives) a few days ago after I had made it so I could see it and bask in its cuteness!

Since that only took about 1/4th or less of the mat, I used the rest of the mat to line the under part of the kitchen sink:

Not too shabby, and then I only had an tiny little strip to throw away – so no guilt there. I actually wish I had more old, no-longer-in-use yoga mats so I could line all the under parts of all my sinks. I don’t have anymore, but I do have EE looking to see if they have one hanging around.

As with crafting, my baking has taken a back seat. Now that everything is here, I have all the tools I need. And my hand was forced – for some reason this week Boom and I were not that good about eating up our bananas. So I had 5 old, soft bananas to deal with yesterday. I had one with peanut butter toast for breakfast, and that was when I decided I need to bake up the remaining 4.

I looked around on-line for a recipe, but I mainly like recipes that have a short list of ingredients and not too many steps to finish. All the ones I was finding were too fancy. So I turned to my lovely ART 180 cookbook and found a great recipe for Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins – easy and they were delish!

I did one batch with 1 c wheat flour and the rest white flour, and the other batch with 1/2 c wheat flour, 1/2 c spelt flour and the rest white flour. The cinnamon really added a lot to how yummy they tasted and I used dark chocolate mini chunks.

Get the adorable cookbook and you too can have the delicious recipe! And you’ll be helping to support a wonderful organization.

Yarb can attest to how yummy the muffins are – she had one yesterday after lunch and then I sent her back to work with 5 others. By this morning they were all gone! I hope that Josephine was able to get one, before she gobbled them all up – I know in their house it is very cutthroat for any sweets that might be around.

Good to see that my economics degree from arguably the best public university in the country is getting put to good use 😉

Rockin’ Rock Band and good friends

For our last night in Richmond, we went over to our great friends house for dinner and to just hang out. M and Boom used to work together, and started at the same time after b-school – so we had all moved to RIC at the same time and lived just a few blocks away. K is such a great gal – she has an awesome sense of style (I always take notes when I see her!) and just is funny and a lot of fun to be around. She also is able to entertain in a casual, I’m-not-trying-too-hard kind of way that I am envious of.

Their 2 bambinos are adorable. G-man and Ollie – M and Boom were actually out of town together on a business trip when she went into labor with Ollie, so I was the one who drove her to the hospital! I remember being totally worried and freaked out, and looking over at K, she looked so calm and pulled together.

Here are the guys. “We are NOT twins!” – G-man. Clearly Ollie looks like K and G-man looks like M.

After dindin, we rocked it out playing Rock Band. So fun!

K only sings, and I am best on guitar. Drums is super hard. I did try singing once – wasn’t very pretty, but I managed to get through.

It was apropos that we spent our last night with them. Since we all moved here at the same time – and we actually spent our first 4th of July in Richmond with them as well!

Speaking of good taste…

I was so pleased to see my hostess gift of a silkscreen of The Fan was hanging up in their kitchen! I really am honored that K put it up, since she is rather particular about stuff like that.

Couple friends, where both hubby and wife get along with other hubby and wife, are hard to come by. So I am really sad that we left K & M – for many more reasons than just we got along great as couples.

K was one of my closest friends in RIC, not that we were on the phone constantly with each other, but that I knew I could tell her anything and depend on her if I needed anything. She was really great during the tragedy and really helped me get through it, and over it (as much as you can get over something like that).  and she sometimes surprised me with how much she got about me – like this move to H-town… one of the added benefits of moving was that people wouldn’t know about the tragedy and I wouldn’t have to wonder if they knew or what they knew of it.  Not that was a driving factor at all, but K got that it would be nice to kinda start over in that sense.  and it was something that I thought only Boom and I had considered.

Anyway, I digress… Rock Band was so fun and we totally miss M & K!


After a perfectly not-so-great-day (I only got 4 hours of sleep and cried about 5 – 7 times, long boring story – not all had to do with designer), I got this in the mail from my great friend Gentz:

So thoughtful! and kind and totally unnecessary! It really made me feel better – to remember my friends back in Richmond and to know that I am remembered as well!

Good friends are hard to come by. I am hoping that I can keep in good touch with those back in Richmond whilst having enough energy to make new ones here in H-town.