The Best Gift Ever

Yesterday was our (Yarbs – the sister, and I) second installment of Craft Monday – and we made tag books!  They came out great – ’twas a lot of work, but do-able in 1 day – just need to make sure you do a little prep work and at least have all the photos printed out that you want to use.

My tag book is a year and a half late bday gift for a friend in Richmond.  I would love to get this as a gift (am tempted to keep it, but I won’t) so I hope she loves it as much as I do!  I doubt that she even remembers that I told her that I was making her something 1 and a half years ago, but that will make the surprise that much better!  And who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail?!

I really love the faux bois paper (Martha Stewart, of course) that I used for the cover and back.  And all the fun ribbons on the ring!

I would have never gotten this done so quickly and so well without Yarbs.  She also brought a bunch of embellishments that were fun to use!  We are trying to use up the supplies that we have, since we both have way too much stuff!

Yarbs made a tag book of the Austin Marathon / Half Marathon that Boom and Josephine ran.  I loved how it turned out!  I was trying to get her to give it to me, but she did not.  Oh well, I will just have to make my own.

Next Craft Monday (not this coming Monday but the next one) we will be doing some fabric crafts.  We are alternating between scrapping and fabric crafts, as Yarbs is the SME (subject matter expert) on scrapping and I am the SME on fabric crafts.  We’ll be making coasters and napkins.  Fun times!


3 responses to “The Best Gift Ever

  1. The tag books look great. I am glad you guys had fun at KM-2.

    Looks forward to seeing the work product resulting from KM-3.

  2. We are lucky we have such good support for craft day!

  3. L-O-V-E the tag book! Received it yesterday – can’t stop looking at it. Honored to be the recipient of KM-2 project. For the record, I do remember you telling me that you were making me something for my b-day – worth the wait!

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