The Cape

For every Fourth of July, we come up to the cape to spend time with John’s family (well, we didn’t come up last 4th, but that was due to circumstances beyond our control).  And it is great – a little nutty with all the kiddos and just sheer amount of people around, but always a good time.

Whenever I see all the huge, beautiful hydranga bushes, I know we have arrived.  I love them!  The flowers clusters are just so lovely and plump.

And I have been really surprised at how much I am enjoying the nieces (well, technically my niece-in-laws, since they are Boom’s sister’s kids, but whatever…).  I am not around kids that are 9 and 8 very much, and really didn’t know what to expect.  But I really am enjoying them!  They are so much more self-sufficient and talkative (very talkative) and can walk down to the beach and back with me (I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to walk that much, and their mom laughed at me!).

Meg is the oldest (L), Ash is 8 (M) and C is probably around 7 (R).   (Meg and Ash are Boom’s oldest sisters kids; C is his middle sisters kid)  Aren’t they adorable?!

We are taking Meg and Ash to see the Chatham A’s play the Harwich team tonight.  We’ve been to 1 game before, many years ago, and I just remember that it was seriously chilly.

Which is another reason I am really enjoying our visit this year – the contrast in weather to H-town is huge!  And I don’t mind the break from the heavy humid and hot air.  We went for a run today around 9am, and it was still fairly cool!  and post run, there was a great breeze, so we just hung out on the driveway and enjoyed it.

Since Boom’s parent’s house backs up to conservation land, this is the scenery I enjoy from the back porch.  Can you hear the wind whistling through the trees?  Can you feel the cool breeze?  It is awesome.

Boom’s oldest sister that currently lives in Chicago just bought a summer home about 15 minutes away from Boom’s parents.  I am pretty sure Boom’s mom really wants us to do the same some day, but that would be many moons from now.  We’ve got to get our R house sold and then get the new house furnished…  That could be her consolation prize, since we are now in Texas and not moving away anytime soon.  And who wouldn’t love that – to get away from the oppressive heat each summer?  All in good time, I suppose, and it is always nice to have a pipe dream..


One response to “The Cape

  1. I can’t believe how big the girls are!! The last time I saw them was at y’all’s wedding and they were practically still babies then 🙂
    We are relaxing and enjoying the nice cool weather here in Maine as well. I may post after my nap in the hammock!

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