Long Weekend Wrap-Up

The rest of our visit to the Cape was great.  The weather was unbelievable!  Cool and not very humid – kinda rainy the last couple days, but since there is so much sun all the time in H-town, it didn’t bother me at all.  I was just enjoying having to wear a light jacket at night!  I am not sure when that happens down here, though people tell me there are a few weeks where a light jacket is needed.

Boom and I had a great time at the Chatham A’s game that we took Meg and Ash to.  We all got t-shirts (and one for their bro who was not with us) and Boom was thrilled to shell out the $87 for 4 kidding shirts (mine is a kid’s XL) and his 1 adult shirt.

The girls were really good and enjoyed themselves quite a bit!  I am still amazed at how easy they are at this age!

We didn’t stay for the whole game – it was too cold!  When we left, Chatham was losing (Farmouth, the Visitors, were winning).

On the actual 4th of July, Boom’s Parents had a few folks over for a cookout.  All their kids, and the grandkids, one of the uncles and his family and a couple family friends.

Boom and his bro, M, were the camp counselors this day.  The kids were getting piggy back rides, and thrown all over the pool.  (Pool photo:  Boom, Meg, M, Caro, and Ash.  Boom with his youngest niece, E, and Caro)

Boom’s sis, L, with M’s wife (Boom’s sis-in-law), H.  Boom and his oldest sister, Kris.  I love Boom’s family, as they are all very nice.  L is so sweet, she’d do anything for you.  H I have really grown to like a lot!  She is not much like me (no one in his family is really much like me) but I feel like we have bonded, since we are the 2 daughter-in-laws.  And we used to see Kris a lot when we lived in DC and she was in MD.  So for the longest time I really felt the most comfortable around her.

Boom has an interesting extended family – his uncle that was over is only 5 or 6 years older than his oldest sister.  So he has some very young cousins, the same age as some of his nieces.  All very confusing.  Here are some cousins and nieces.

The boys, Boom and M, decided to get very drunk.  VERY very drunk.  Which normally H and I totally would not have cared, but we had a lot to do that night to get ready for the surprise party for Boom’s Parents the next day…

Boom was all in his mom’s business about these bar stools that she has whose arms hit the bar (so do not fit underneath the counter) – he wouldn’t let it go!

This is the beginning of the end… the dark and stormy’s were coming out.  I had to hide the rum after this drink, and the boys, they were not happy with me!  But we had to cut fruit, get the coolers ready for the next day’s party, etc…  Later that night, H and I got mooned by M, Boom took a shower and was dancing around inside the shower stall – I had to turn the water off to force him to come to bed!  H said the next morning that she felt bad for me ’cause she could hear me wrestling with Boom.

The next morning Boom was not feeling too hot.  and he was absolutely no help with the party preparations.  It happens, sometimes, but I was glad he had a good time with his bro.  They don’t see each other too often, so it is nice when they can let loose a little bit.

The 5th of July was the surprise party for Boom’s Parent’s 40th Anniversary – thrown by all the kids and their spouses.  Boom and M concocted the idea a year ago, when we were all together on the Cape.  H did most of the planning and heavy lifting, which was great!  65 people came from all parts of Boom’s Parent’s life – it was great!  and they were surprised, which was amazing to us kids.

Boom’s Parent’s look so young when they were married!  And here are most of the folks, waiting for the guests of honor!  When they pulled onto their street, their first thought was the college kids renting a house were having a party and using their driveway!

Here’s Boom’s Parent’s and all the kids.

Boom and I.  The delicious lobster and clams and steamers we all ate!  YUMMY!

Jacka, Boom’s Dad, got as drunk, if not more so, than Boom was the night prior.  He and Boom both are the same once they are a drunk, they start slurring and get all animated and talkative!  Hilarious!

I think this photo so so funny, Boom’s Aunt holding little E – but notice the ciggy in her hand, the beer and mixed drink on the table!  Boom’s Aunt loves little E, so she was being very careful, but is just a funny image.

And poor M, had another rough night. Boom couldn’t participate fully in the festivities, as we had an extremely early (530am!) flight the next morning out of Logan.  So we went to bed around 10pm and got up at 2am for the long drive into Boston.

Although it wasn’t a NetJet (when are we getting our membership? ;-), we did fly first class home to H-town.  Which was quite nice.  We were basically worthless yesterday, just laying around, watching TV and just hanging out.  Good thing we had the whole day to recover.

It was a great trip, but 2 parties back to back was a bit much for me.  When we go back for Thanksgiving, there will be fewer parties, but just as much chaos…  Can’t wait!


2 responses to “Long Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Had a great time and Tingaling has done a v.v.nice job of chronicaling the Cape trip. Of course she left out the photos of herself after the 4th of July escapades. My parents were definitely surprised by the 40th Anniversary party and I think they both had a really good time catching back up with everyone. It was mostly M and my idea for the party, but as is the usual we didn’t do hardly anything to help coordinate the event. Tingaling, H, and L did all of the heavy oar pulling and the event went off as a smashing success.

  2. Looks like you had a great time with Boom’s fam. Also looks like you are enjoying yourself with the Bres’s more now 🙂

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