To help me be a better wife and cook, I am re-instating the posting of my menu, so you can all marvel at my cooking adventures.

I didn’t get to the grocery store today – there were way too many work men coming in and out of the house. So tomorrow I will go (ugh, one of the worst errands I can think of) and I will be making 3 dishes from my ART 180 cookbook.

Monday (today) – Succotash over quinoa and lentils (’tis very easy, one of my standbys – and also very healthy. Full of fiber!)

Tuesday – Summer squash, sweet pepper and polenta casserole (I will be out this night, so will make this during the day for Boom to enjoy)

Wednesday – Spinach & Sea Bass, with a side of cous cous or risotto

Thursday – Scampi Style tofu wrap (from Oprah’s vegan detox days) I made this a couple weeks ago – very yummy and fairly easy!

Friday – Spicy Veggie Pasta (may use rice pasta or something unusual like that)

Sat – Eating out.

Sun – Will have R over for brunch, so will likely make a bfast casserole and some monkey bread

Wish me luck on this endeavor.


3 responses to “Food

  1. It is impossible for you to be a better wife ja. You are the best! Menu looks pretty tasty. Can’t wait to dig in!

  2. I wish you could cook all that for me 😉

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