Last month when I was back in Richmond to pack up the house, I got to see a bunch of friends! That was the good part – the bad part? Having to pack – which is always painful, even if you have packers and movers!

Thank goodness Gretty planned a little dinner gathering for my bday, as it has been a bad day, complete with tears! We went to Havana 59, which is always consistently yummy, and has delicious mojitos. “The peeps” were the ones that attended – I tend to always have friends from lots of different circles, and the ones from wine club and that basically all live on the same street I refer to as the peeps.

Cubs, Scooter and Lizard. So cute!

There was a little cross-over, my friend Poindexter that I met through the Junior League also came. She is so sweet and really loved meeting the peeps!

Poindexter, Court, Gretty and !. I am a bit pink, so the mojito is doing it’s job! I needed a drink at that point…

And here we all are! We are a good looking table, and that was evidenced by this random middle aged man who came over to see if we were having a good dinner – and no, he did not work for Havana. It was very odd, and kinda weird, but we brushed him off like the tool that he was.

And we also got to see Trav for dinner and drinks the next night – he is a friend of the peeps and also went to Darden like Boom, but graduated a year after Boom. And he and Boom have become good buddies.  They both want to go to a Costa Rican surf camp – which I think would be great!  We went to Comfort, which offers southern style comfort food. It is pretty good, but not the healthiest option – and nothing too exciting for veggies. BUT they have one of the best desserts in the entire RIC – banana creme brulee! Delish.

We then headed over to Can Can – a French restaurant that is also pretty good. Not spectacular, but they do have a great bar area and my favorite pink champagne:

Scooter actually turned me onto this pink champagne a few years back, and it is one of the main reasons I love going to Can Can! I have been trying to find it, but it is not easily found.

Here we are! You can’t even tell that Trav just got home from Korea just the day before (he is quite the world traveler!). Later that night, Cubby and some of her old UVA peeps met up with us there. Good times.

And last but not least, we got together with some of my Junior League / old Bunko gals. When all the furniture was packed up, my great friend Stevie and her fiancee graciously offered to host us in their lovely home, and let us use their extra car! They have tons of space and we had our own floor! (Our going away party was also at their home).  We all met up at Stevie’s for some cheese and vino – and then walked to Sette.

Notice our to-go cups… we didn’t want to waste perfectly good vino!  Sette specializes in fire roasted pizza, so we sat on the patio and ordered enough pies to full us all.

It was a warm night, but really quite nice to be able to walk to dinner and then sit outside!  Boom and Poindexter’s hubby were the only men.  Lucky guys!

Me, SS, Em, Stevie and Poindexter.  I met SS through the Junior League and we happened to live just a few blocks away, so we started meeting up for coffee and to walk the doggies together.  Em I met through Stevie and also through some of Boom’s old work colleague wives who had a bookclub (tho she was also in the JL).  She has a really great sense of style that is reflected in how she dresses and how her home is decorated!  I always take notes when I go over to her house – it is great.  Stevie (aka “the guv’nor”) is just the best – she is truly a “connector” (from The Tipping Point – interesting book if you have not yet read it) and just makes people feel welcome and included.  We met at a JL happy hour and then she started up a Bunko group, and our friendship blossomed from that!  Last but not least is Poindexter – she and I were transfers together at the JL.  A great friend that is so positive and kind and always ready to lead a helping hand.  She was also at that JL happy hour and then also joined the Bunko group.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make some great friends here in H-town like I had in the RIC (yes, I know, this is a reoccurring theme).  I think I may be on my way (slowly – just have to remember how it was when I first moved to the RIC)…  am going to dindin and a kayaking info session tonight with R (an old friend from Country Day), have bfast plans with a gal tomorrow that used to live in Richmond and also just recently moved to Houston, and then we have a couple date with friends of a friend.  Making friends in a new city is quite the task…. luckily we’ve found everyone to be nice and inclusive.


One response to “Reminiscing

  1. I have no worries that you will make some great friends – you just gotta give it a little time! In the meantime, you can just hang out with your big sis 🙂

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