Menu Update

I made the Squash, Zucchini, Red Pepper Polenta casserole yesterday and it was pretty simple and quite tasty!

While not vegan (just veggie), it didn’t have a huge amount of cheese, egges or butter, and no milk or cream in it.  Yarbs came over for lunch and we feasted on it!

We ate half of the 9″ circular casserole.  Boom came home and wondered what happened to it – I was all, 1/4 in my belly and the other 1/4 in Yarb’s belly!  I am surprised that he wouldn’t have figured we ate it all – we are eaters!

It was, all in all, a success.  I will add it to my repertoire – I wonder if it would freeze ok…  may need to give that a shot.  Then I could make 3 at the same time and then just freeze 2 of ’em and pull them out when need be.


One response to “Menu Update

  1. That looks delish!!! I would love to try that – will you send me the recipe?

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