It’s gonna be a long way back

Boom and I dragged ourselves out of bed this morning before the sun came up so that we could be running by 5:45am. It wasn’t too hot – just damp, at first. And I was struggling – struggling to run 6 miles! Guess it doesn’t help that by the end of the run we were both dripping sweat. The humidity here is fierce!

Oh, thinking back 2 years when I was in Racing the Planet shape… 6 miles was barely a warm-up, and definitely not enough to get me sweating or even breathing heavy. Those were the days – now I can barely keep a 9 min mile pace, so sad! And the buddha (my belly) is threatening to take over – and has already started… really need to stave that off…

I like to think of myself like I was, in those glory days (haha).

It is odd where life takes you. I remember, as does Stevie, telling Stevie that I would not do another marathon, just months before I signed up to to the Atacama Crossing (150 miles over 6 days). And in the 6 months leading up to Atacama, I ran 2 marathons, 2- 50Ks (~31 miles) and 1- 40 miler!

I’ve signed Boom and I up for a race next weekend – a 5K! Hehehe (I used to not run 5Ks as they were too short for me, now I think it will be just right!) – should be somewhat interesting as it is in the NASA Space Center, and celebrating the 30th anniversary of man landing on the moon.

Boom and I are starting Seal physical training on Monday (well, I still need to sign us up, but plan to do so later today) – it will definitely force us to get up in the mornings, which is something we have struggled with since moving down here. And I am hoping it will help get me back into shape, and my fighting weight. I am really curious to see how it will differ from Richmond Seals – I did love Seals so much, I likely will be disappointed. As long as it staunches the growth of buddha, that will make me happy! We’ll see…

Update:  The July Boot camp class is too small, so we are doing the August Bootcamp.  But we will be starting on Monday with Body camp (I guess an easier version of Boot camp – I just want to get started and start getting up early!)


3 responses to “It’s gonna be a long way back

  1. You look pretty “fierce” in those pictures. Seals will be a good start. Get us signed up already!!!

  2. both of you look great with or without seals, it probably will give you guys more disciplines..

  3. You still look great!

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