Gearing up

4 highways and nearly 400 bones later, Boom and I have the basic necessities to start playing tennis!

We got: 2 pairs of tennis shoes (they are actually matching, mens and womens versions), 4 cans of balls, 1 racquet, 1 bag, and new strings and grip on Marm’s old racquet (not shown – it is being worked on currently).

Very exciting, and our lessons start on Saturday. We are very much beginners, but I am hoping to improve enough to join a team or league somewhere.

The neighborhood courts are withing walking distance from our home, so that is nice.  I figure, once I get to that point, I can go and practice my serve there (since for that you don’t need anyone else to play with).

Hopefully, between tennis and Seals, I’ll become a really fit MoFo.  That is the goal, at least!


3 responses to “Gearing up

  1. You had better practice. I suspect that my suprior hand-eye coordination gives me at least a 2 year practice free adavantage over you. I intend to play on the senior tour some day.

  2. I hope the trip out to pick up the racket wasn’t too painful! Have a great lesson tomorrow!

  3. great sport…I wish I could play tennis, it’s such a fun sport, yes jointing a local team even if you are not that good yet….

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