Craft Monday

Today was (Fabric) Craft Monday (CM3).  Yarbs made out like a bandit!  We made her 8 coasters:

Aren’t they lovely?!  4 have light blue backs and the other 4 have pink backs, all with the blue coral front.  They are lightly padded and very adorable, in my opinion.  She evidently has no coasters, which seems so odd to me!  I have had so many sets given to me as gifts.  I guess we have different kinds of friends.

And we also made 4 napkins:
(Sorry, this photo needs to be rotated, and I don’t know how!)

We sewed 2 coordinating fabrics together, and then topstiched all the way around in brown.  Well, I did all the sewing, Yarbs was my helper – cutting, pinning, flipping right side out, and ironing.  She also became quite the middle part stuffer of the coasters.

But all that work made her very, very tired:

(Again, needs to be rotated.)

I think I can see a little drool coming out of her mouth 😉

Fun times – it really is so great that Yarbs and I can see each other so often now!  We really are making up for lost time

P.S. I think I have fixed the weird timing / dating that had been occuring on my blog.  I guess all the times on WordPress are automatically UTC / GMT, and I just figured out (thanks, Internet!  You so smart!) that TX is currently on Central Daylight savings time, which is UTC+5 hours.


3 responses to “Craft Monday

  1. You sneaky girl – hee hee – I didn’t know you took a photo of me napping! I slept like a log last night – finally got a really good nights sleep, after the concert!
    See you laters

  2. We have a spare bed Yarbs – you don’t need to nap on the floor.

  3. Fun! I wish I could spend my Mondays crafting with y’all! Sounds much more exciting than my cube…

    Also – if you ever need a photo rotated, feel free to send to me and I can do for you in about .12 seconds and send back – I don’t mind. 🙂

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