Pre-Bootcamp / Bodycamp: Domination!

I keep comparing H-town Bodycamp to Richmond Seals.  And I shouldn’t, as we are not officially in Bootcamp yet… but still, it is very different….

On day 1 (yesterday), the physical activities started out very similar to R-Seals – we did pushups, ran, situps, ran, what R-Seals calls starjumps, ran, chasing rabbits, ran, etc.  It went on like that for about the first 20 mins.  However, there was no introductions, no pearls of wisdom being dispensed, nothing.  And we had to bring water (which I can l kinda understand – with the heat and humidity as bad as it is in Houston) and an exercise mat!  That was a bit ridiculous – and made the workout more disjointed than it would have been, as we always had to get back to the area where the mats were.

At around 6:22, the main instructor / owner guy (Jack) told us to walk 10 mins out and back.  That NEVER would have occurred at R-Seals!  I didn’t mind the break since I was drenched in sweat, but it really got me wondering.  Now I know we are not in Bootcamp yet, but still!  Walking?!  I can understand if folks have to walk, but not if the command is walk and not run.  Then we were in the sand pits with some younger guy named Spoor, who is going into the army, and he had us do crunches, and squats and pushups, but all in sets of 20.  So not that many.  And he didn’t seem all that fit himself.  We also did bear crawls in the sand, but for a very short distance.  I hate bear crawling, but we didn’t even do it for more than about 10 bear crawls.

Today we did our workout on wooden benches.  We ran first and then did pushups and dips and squats, etc.  Boom and I are ruling the roost without even trying!  Which is really sad – since I am def not in great shape.  And this is the roost of the pre-bootcampers / bodycampers, so hopefully that will not be the case when we get into real bootcamp.  We are always the first ones on our runs and then can always do what we are currently doing.  Again, the workout was very disjointed.  Boom pointed out that the instructor for us is also the instructor for the “lifers”, so he was kinda distracted.  And he (different from Spoor or Jack) was not really all that fit himself.  At R-Seals, all the instructors could kick my butt!

We were told today by some lady after class that we were beasts (and she’s been doing H-Seals off and on for 8 years!)!  HEHEHE!  I also found out that there are only about 20 lifers that come in the morning for H-Seals, versus the 100 – 150 at R-Seals.  Hmmm.  Anyway, Boom and I will do this pre-bootcamp and then bootcamp, and then re-evaluate.  We need to see if Bootcamp is any good.  But we really wanted to use this as a venue to meet peeps, and 20 lifers a morning isn’t that many peeps.

On the drive home, Boom made a comment that the ideal would be Johnny M’s program with the Jack guy’s website.  I think that there is lots of room for improvement with H-Seals.  And that Jack could benefit from going to R-Seals sometime.  Not that I have talked to Jack yet – people say he is mean.  Oh well, we’ll see.  I think that we’ll likely do the Kenyan Way as well / in place of H-Seals, since there are tons of peeps who do that here in town.  Would be a better way to meet a lot of people.  I just need to do some research on half-marathons in Texas.

I am, so far, disappointed in H-Seals.  I know, I know, we are not yet in real Bootcamp, but I was really hoping it would be as great as R-Seals, and it is not.  Not by a long shot, missing the mark in both the physical aspect as well as the social aspect!


3 responses to “Pre-Bootcamp / Bodycamp: Domination!

  1. Hold judgement until we get to BootCamp. I am a bit surprised by the low lifer number, but let’s see how bootcamp goes before we crush h-seals.

  2. I think you may be a bit disappointed with the seals. I think peeps in h-town are not as agro about it as the r peeps!

  3. Today’s work-out was pretty decent. The instructor in charge did a better job of controlling both groups and it was actually a pretty challenging workout. There also seemed to be a few fit young ladies in the lifer class that Tingaling might be able to befriend. We will see in August once the actual “Boot-Camp” begins. One participant did tell us yesterday that The Kenyan Way was more the agro group of H-Town.

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