Little RuRu (our Boston Lab) doesn’t get to lord over much in household, but she really did give the Pig the business the other day!

She was all, Oh little Pig, you think you are so cute – so pink and covered with flowers. Well, I will show you who dominates here! RAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Poor Pig has already lost her ears, and now her insides!  RuRu is doing well – still adjusting to the heat (which results in shorter walks).  I think she’ll be happy when we put some carpets down!


2 responses to “RuRu

  1. I love those photos of her – she is like “What??”

  2. She had been eyeing that Pig up on its shelf for a few weeks now so it was only a metter of time before she gave it the business. She is very suspect of any other animals real or stuffed that she preceives might be vying for Tingaling’s affections. She has named this pig Lil’ Logan.

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