I had my first transfer meeting with the Junior League of Houston last night. This league is no joke! The building is HUGE! There are a LOT of members – I think this may be the largest league IN THE WORLD.  Literally.  And I think there are a few international branches, definitely in Canada and Mexico (so Boom was like, That is just North America), and maybe some in Europe.

The transfer chair and her helpers were telling us that the General Meetings will sometimes have 500 people attend, and it is standing room only.  I am totally blown away by that!  I think people are way less into the JLR than the JLH.  They even told us that we should dress business casual for the meetings, if we didn’t want to feel out of place.  That workout gear and jeans were basically unacceptable!

The other transfer ladies seemed nice enough.  My friend, S, who moved down here from Richmond, also was there!  (She’s the designer who is gonna be helping me.)  There was one lady that also lives in West U – and there is a happy hour next Thursday that a lot of the ladies will be at.  So I hope to make some new friends!


3 responses to “JLH

  1. I think that’s true – if I remember correctly from my JLD orientation a few years ago, Houston, Dallas, and I think Atlanta (?) are the three biggest leagues in the world! Love it!!

    p.s. I do wear jeans to meetings sometimes, although a lot of times I’m coming straight from work, so I am dressed business casual, as are a lot of the peeps here as well….

  2. p.s.s. I met one of my BFs thru the JLD – Ash! I’m sure you will meet some great girls there too!

  3. I am also sure you will meet some cool peeps – I am glad your friend was there!

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