Last night I used a recipe I used last week to make sea bass on a piece of halibut. It was quite delicious! Baked, with garlic and ginger and soy sauce and sesame oil (sesame oil makes most everything very yummy!), in tin foil, so clean up is pretty easy.

I also sauted some spinach with garlic and red pepper flakes (for a little heat!) and made some risotto (from a box) and surprisingly, to me at least, the risotto took the longest time to prepare.

So we had a really nice meal at home last night. Boom had called and offered to take me out to eat, but I had just paid 200 bones for groceries, so we really need to eat it all up!

I am realizing cooking is not that hard – as long as you choose easy recipes to make and do a little prep work in advance (ie having all the ingredients you need). And although I do enjoying dining out, eating in definitely has it’s advantages: 1) you know what is going into the meal (sometimes eating out is way too greasy or fattening or heavy), 2) it is on your schedule (since dining out is usually a production, I feel like we do more with our time when we eat in), and 3) it is a good cost saving measure (I guess also not buying all of our groceries at Whole Foods could also be a cost saving measure, but I am not willing to go there yet).

Maybe one day I’ll actually enjoy it – at least I don’t loath cooking.


2 responses to “Dindin

  1. It was the bomb.

  2. looks yummy! i need to get that recipe from you.
    i actually like cooking when i have time to do it and am not tired from a day’s work. the planning is the part i don’t like!
    p.s. thanx for lunch!

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