Yesterday, and today, the Latins have been in prepping the downstairs and upstairs built-ins for painting.  They seem perfectly nice, but they love to blare their Spanish music, and most songs have a frenzied beat, so drives me a little crazy!  I have resorted to playing my music from the computer when I am on the computer (I broke the plug for my laptop, so need to get a new one, but am stuck in the house when the workers are here) in an effort to drown out their music / radio stations.  I will be really glad when they are all done!  And it will make our house seem that much more done, which is great.  Just a few more days…

Last night I made a Tuna pasta dish.  It was really good!  Kinda surprising, since tuna dishes always remind me of something a ’50s housewife would make when they ran out of grocery money.  Anyway, the recipe called for peas and 2% milk.  Since I hate peas, I subbed edaname and since we don’t drink 2% milk, I used skim.

It also called for a chili garlic sauce that I could not find at Whole Foods (and the recipe was not very specific), so I just used chopped garlic and red pepper flakes – YUM!   Recently I have been really into using red pepper flakes – it adds just a bit of heat and interest.

I have been super tired lately.  Suspect it is due to getting up at 5am – so today I skipped Seals and slept in until 7am.  It was lovely.  I am such a wimp these days – back in RIC, I would get up everyday at 5am and never really think about skipping Seals.  I need to go to yoga tonight (would normally go today at 930, but can’t with the workers) and Boom and I also need to hit some balls, as our tennis lesson is tomorrow.  Too many things!


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