Active Morning & Non-Green Painting

This morning, Boom and I went out the Clear Lake, TX where the NASA Space Center is and ran a 5K – commemorating the 39th anniversary of landing on the moon.  It was flat and pretty easy – except that it was already pretty sunny and hot when we stepped off at 730am.  And I beat Boom!  Well, my time was not better than his, but my handicap was 4 minutes and he only really beat me by 2 mins and 49 seconds.  But 4 minutes is a lot to beat someone by in a 5k.  He ran a 22.07 and I ran a 24.56.  I was fairly pleased with my time, as I haven’t really been running or doing any sort of speed work at all.  Hopefully I’ll get back into sub-8 min mile pace soon (just got to run off that muffin top).

Then we had our second tennis lesson at 11am.  Man, the sun was fierce and it was really hot!  Poor Boom was spent before the lesson started, so he felt like his swing was all off and that he wasn’t hitting well.  Since we both suck, it could have been due to being tired, or just that we haven’t really improved much from the last lesson.  I’m gonna  start practice on the backboard next week in the mornings (after the painters are done see below) to help me with my ground strokes and volleys.

Unfortunately, the AC is off because we are having the built-ins painted and it was really, REALLY stinky (had to spend the night at Yarbs last night due to the fumes).  So I have opened the windows to help get the bad air out and new, fresh air in.  Our house is like an oven right now, I am not sure I can stand it much longer.   But the open windows really has helped the vapors dissipate.  I suspect we will turn the AC on tonight, if not sooner, since we will be sleeping here.

Both the downstairs den and upstairs living room look like something out of E.T.  There is plastic sheeting everywhere, as they paint the wood with a sprayer, and not brushes.  I realize this is not very green, all these VOCs, but the built-ins had to match the existing wainscotting!

I’ll post some photos of our E.T. looking house soon – my camera connection is in Boom’s office and he is working right now (yes, on a Saturday – booooo!) so I’ll wait until he is done.  I am such a nice wifey wife!  Letting Boom slave away on a Saturday so that someone brings home the bacon 😉  I guess I shouldn’t complain that much about having to cook…


One response to “Active Morning & Non-Green Painting

  1. A bet is a bet and Tingaling was indeed the victor on this one.

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