Craft Monday: Cards!

Our papercraft today was to make cards and tags.  And we made a ton of them!  Yay – I’ll have enough cards and tags and gift enclosures to last me a while!  Yarbs brought over a ton of acrylic stamps and some craft punches (tho evidently this was just the tip of the iceburg) and we stamped and punched away!

Here I am with the acrylic stamp pad. I love that the stamps and pad are clear so you can see exactly where to place it!  We do need some additional stamp pad colors, though.  We were quite limited today.

Here are some snaps of all the booty we made!

Now we just need to mail them out – at least one a week.  And what a great surprise to the recipients!  I love getting fun, happy mail, and a homemade card out of the blue would totally rock.

I am tired, now, from all of our fast paced crafting.  And from Seals this morning – it was a hard workout that kicked our booties!  Exercise and crafting will make a girl very tired.


2 responses to “Craft Monday: Cards!

  1. Nice cards. Cute action shot of the extremely attractive card maker!

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