So I never really knew exactly what a foodie was – just someone that was really into food and knew a lot about it.  Well, this weekend I saw first hand those who would fit into the category of Major Foodie to the Nth Degree!  and it was great!

Sunday we went to brunch at a friends house who is a chef at one of the top new restaurants here in H-town.  He cooked (which I felt bad about since Sunday is his day off) – the spread was unbelievable, and very delicious.  His girlfriend, who is a vascular surgeon in her 2-year fellowship, made the Bloody Marys – these bloodys had more ingredients in them than I knew possible!  She has always been a foodie of sorts, but dating her chef boyfriend has really taken her foodie-ness into the  next galaxy!   There was also a top pastry chef (who used to work for our friend the chef) who is now the head pastry chef for a local – Texas only – high end grocery store), and coffee proprietor who owns a coffee bean roasting company in attendance.  Then the non-foodies being Boom, myself and the chef & surgeon’s next door neighbor.

Like I said, the spread was vast and quite delish.  A frittata, homemade biscuits, baked bacon, figs and procuttio, arugula salad, fried potato cubes, fruit salad, asparagus, cheeses and toast made the meal quite complete.  The coffee guy brought some special Ethiopian beans that have a strawberry taste to them (I couldn’t tell – my palate, especially for coffee, is very unrefined).  The pastry chef brought a delicious sparkling pear cider made from fruit that came from 300 year old trees.  I really enjoyed that and will be going to buy lots of it to have on hand!

And the sub-culture of the restaurant / chef world in H-town is brimming with drama!  I heard about adultery, lesbians, businesses failing, scathing food critics, and more!  Highly entertaining – but did get a little old after about 3 hours.  And they all just loved lingering over the food, which is great, but I am just not used to it.

We want to have this chef and his girlfriend over once the house is presentable, but I fear that we’ll have to have our meal catered!  I would be way too embarrassed to cook for them – since they are super knowledgeable and have such good palates.  Boom could make his signature drink – a dark and stormy – for them and then maybe we could go out for the actual food.

All and all, a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Boom was feeling good after all the specialty coffee and bloody marys and pear cider and home brewed mead (like in “Lord of the Rings”!  He has an oak barrel!).  I was stuffed and ready to nap and dream about pear cider.


2 responses to “Foodies

  1. It was a great time, Tingaling and I both really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot of new things. Was especially nice to sit with a group of people and not talk about work or work related drama once. One of the benefits of being in a bigger and more diverse cities I think.

  2. Sounds yummy and fab! Were one of the beans they mentioned M. Pope? She owns a couple restaurants in town…
    See you at lunchtime!
    p.s. I hope slept ok last night.
    p.p.s. boom good luck!

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