My great friend Neener is coming to visit!  YAY!!!!!!!!  In October, when it will (hopefully) be cooler than it is now. (She lives in Boulder, which is likely the coolest city in the country, so we definitely need to go visit her again sometime soon!)

And we are going to see Citizen Cope live at the Verizon Center.  That is just the icing on the Neener visit cake!

That also happens to be Boom’s birthday weekend and he is excited to have such an action packed weekend already planned!  He loves Neener nearly as much as I do, so he is always excited to spend time with her.

Since moving to H-town, it has kinda been a tough sell to get folks to come visit – I think once the cold weather rolls around for my pals on the East coast, it’ll be easier to convince folks to travel down.

Speaking of pals, My Pal Al and her hubby (!) are coming down to visit in August – I can’t wait to see them as well!  Nice that we are all in the same state, finally!


2 responses to “WooHoo!!!

  1. Don’t forget to give Boom credit for sniffing out the concert, making the connection that this was the random dude you have been listening to non stop in your car and i-pod and suggesting that you invite Neener the one that introduced you to his music to come down for the concert. I AM THE BESTEST EVER!!!!! Ruby – you are now a distant #2 in Tingaling’s eyes.

  2. hee hee – boom is definitely a funny one 🙂

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