This weekend was great – Marm and Dad came down to visit before they go on vacation in Peru!

(This snap was taken during their last visit – we are doing the “blind tiger” camera pose!  They really love it!)

We mainly hung out and ate – which is just fine with me.  I was glad to see them and spend time with all of us together!  We did try 2 new restaurants, both that are in “the book”:

Josephine got it for us when we moved here, and it has been a great resource – especially since there are so many restaurants here in H-town!  It at least gives us a jumping off point.  More snaps from those meals to come.

In prep for their visit, we desperately needed a new vaccuum.  So I have become one of those fancy vaccuum owners – I even remember making fun of my sister-in-law for getting one years ago, and now I have joined her ranks.  (Does this mean I am officially old and boring?)  I really like it – and it is so cute!

I got the littler one, ’cause it was cuter than the larger one and b/c I am gonna have to lug that thing up and down our stairs, so I figured I should get the lighter one so that I am more apt to actually lug it.  And it actually does turn on a dime – good stuff.

It really is great being so close to mom and dad.  I am loving it.  Also am loving seeing Yarbs basically everyday! It is so great!  I think in the past I had always taken for granted how important family is.  Since I am older and wiser, I now know, and it is so true – family is the most important thing and it is great to know we can always depend on them.


2 responses to “Excellent

  1. I love having you guys here too! Yay us!
    I have posted tons of pics on my blog from the weekend 🙂
    See you later gater!

  2. House Mouse going High-Tech!!! Nice Vac-vroooooom! Do you have to wear a safety helmet when you operate that thing?

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