Weekend Recap

On Saturday night, one of the two new restaurants we tried with Marm and Dad sent us into Little India (a random strip mall in Little India, that is):

This, along with some fancy schmancy restaurant, is what “the book” says “embodies Houston’s culinary essence”. I am not really all that familiar with India food, and usually don’t go out of my way to seek it, but what was really nice for me is that it is all veggie! So I could taste everything and have to ask, does this have meat in it? Poor Boom, when he heard that, he was all, I have to eat veggie everyday during the week – let’s have some meat options on the weekend! He was a good sport though.

I am usually not a huge curry fan, but theirs was pretty good! I really enjoyed the eggplant curry, as it had a lot of cilantro in it. We also had the okra curry (and one other, I can’t remember what the veggie base was for it) which was good too.

The dosais were HUGE! It was just the “bread” part that was so big. The innards (mine had potato and onions – lots of the dishes had potatoes in ’em) were plopped in the middle of the bread and then the bread was folded over it.

This restaurant totally took us out of our comfort zone. We had no idea what we were ordering and sometimes even eating, and it was in some dingy strip mall right off the highway – so no real atmosphere to speak of. But there were lots of Indian peeps, so that was a good sign.

Sunday morning, we continued our tour of the culinary far east and went to dim sum:

This restaurant was HUGE! And looked like many of the restaurants that we had visited on our tour of China a few years back. At least it was mainly Asian peeps (so it passed what Josephine called the “look” test) – though we did have a table next to us full of whities – so adventuresome!

Going to dim sum is best with Marm and Dad. Marm becomes a part of all the action – usually always talking to the proprietor and sometimes heading into the kitchen!

We had lots of good eats, but I do have to admit, dim sum is better when you can eat meat. I did miss having my usual “cha shau bao”s (steamed bread with Chinese BBQ pork inside) and other random things. Oh well – it was still good!

Marm and Dad left yesterday before noon – they needed to get back to get ready for their trip and wanted to miss traffic. So good to see them! And, of course, Happy Birthday Dad!


2 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. Cute photos! I like that one of you guys at the end. Marm’s hair looks good – she should wear it like that all the time đŸ˜‰

  2. That last picture is from Thom’s wedding at West Point. I am the photographer. Nice work Boooooom!!!

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