Recent Crafts

A little peek into all the crafts I have been up to lately…

Coasters! I have really been into making coasters – they are easy, cute and useful! Who can’t use more coasters? I’ll be sending out a belate birthday treat today.

A little scrapping – made a book of Richmond peeps! The photo is the front of the page and I put patterned paper on the back with a tiny bit of journaling (mainly just who is in the photos) and embellished with ribbons and buttons (used up all my buttons – yay!). Yarbs had done this and it was so cute! I made the front and back from chipboard and covered with coordinating patterned paper (all the paper was coordinating, so that made things much easier). I really loved the way this turned out!

Zippered bags – I found a couple tutorials on-line and made them! I wish I still had the tutorials handy, as I need to make some more bags. Not to complicated, but I still find sewing in a zipper kinda difficult.  (Can you tell I love my woven tags I got off Etsy?!  I put them on everything!)

Drawstring bag – I found a tutorial on-line (again, don’t have it handy, which stinks) and literally it took me 10-15mins to make this bag! I embroidered it with a Sublime Stitching pattern that I had – and it is me! Notice the black hair and the stylish green coat 😉 I loved this project as it was easy to make the bag, but the embroidery brings a little something fancy to an otherwise utilitarian object (shoe bag for traveling). I think bags like this will also make fun gifts!

And last but not least, a house craft project: a box pleat valance in the laundry room with mini ball trim. I consider it a little mascara on a very plain Jane – makes the room seem a bit more finished, that someone is thinking deliberately about it.



It is cute enough – I was going to do something with red in the fabric, but I thought that would be to matchy-matchy. Since the laundry room doesn’t need a lot of privacy, I went with just a valance, so as to keep the natural light shining in. I am going to make roman blinds for all of the bathrooms, so this was a little practice for me (not in roman shades – clearly – but just in dealing with windows again and everything that goes into making window treatments). At least all the bathroom windows are small!

4 responses to “Recent Crafts

  1. You are a crafting fiend. It all loks great.

  2. Go Crafty Tingaling!

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  4. Hi! Love your ideas. I don’t know if this would interfere with the cool embroidery, etc. that you put on the shoe bags, but I like to stitch a line down the center of the bag so that the shoes don’t touch each other — keeps them from getting scuffed! The pattern I use was from a little tutorial from Martha S.’s magazine. You still might be able to find it on line.
    PS Love your box pleat curtains.

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