So she can look more stylish whist lugging around a 10 pound camera

Yarbs is a prolific photographer.  Her friends down here call her the class historian.  From this love to photography, she developed into being a prolific scrapbooker!  Makes sense, because the scrapping is a venue for her photos.  {It may sounds kinda weird that my sister – a very cool, hip, urban chick – is a scrapbooker, since most folks likely think of middle aged, Midwestern (or Mormon) ladies with multiple kids as the “typical” scrappers.  There is a large contingency that fit that stereotype, but there are more and more young, cool peeps that are getting into scrapping.}

Anyway, some scrapbook site had a “tutorial” for a camera strap slipcover – but it wasn’t very good and actually made the project harder and more complex than it needed to be.  I saw what the end product was to be, and basically made a tube (with seams on the inside so you can’t see them) which slid over the camera strap.


The strap is in a green upholstery weight fabric with lighter green dots – just love this fabric.  I had made a box pleat valance for the guest room in Richmond – maybe I can figure out a place to use it here in the new house.

(Isn’t Yarbs so cute?!)

It took Yarbs longer to get the strap off the camera than it took to make the strap!  But she is happy with the end product, and it was easy!  So that is a win-win situation.

{She doesn’t always tote around the big camera – she has a point and shoot that she can slip into her purse.  But the photos she is able to get with the big one are really neat, and worth the trouble, I guess.  Better her than me to be lugging that thing around!}

2 responses to “So she can look more stylish whist lugging around a 10 pound camera

  1. I look retarded in that photo 😉
    thanks for the camera strap – love it!

  2. Yeah – just in that photo Yarbs, just in that photo. Georgie plays with the rabbits! Georgie loves the rabbits!

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