Reflections on Baking (maybe I’m a little bit of an edjeet)

Growing up, Marm was a very busy enginerd-type professional. Work kept her busy and also she and Dad were always off doing something – playing tennis, yoga, working out, taking dance classes, out with friends, etc. I remember when my friends would spend the night, and my parents would be out later / doing many more things than us! And my friends always commented on how much busier Marm and Dad were than we were.

So Marm was never one to bake (she also is very physically fit and slender, so she didn’t want us to get to fat eating a ton of sweets, which is a good thing). I was never the kid in grade school who’s mom brought in cupcakes for her birthday (not to mention that my birthday was in June, so I was always out of school by the time the actual day rolled around). I think maybe that is why I enjoy baking now (or maybe it is just because I like to eat the end product, and that end product has more staying power than just cooking dinner).

I made a dozen Banana-Chocolate chip muffins earlier in the week and now there are only 3 left! Yarbs ate one, and the other 8 are in my belly (over a few days, not all at one time). I really like these puppies – they are hardy, but still sweet (but not too too sweet).

Anyway, when I was baking, I was thinking about my baking path. I think I was in the first grade, with my sister at her friends house (back when we lived in Charlottesville), and the friends mom had made brownies, from scratch. I didn’t know what that meant – I didn’t know until that exact moment that you could make brownies not from a box! That brownies could be made with flour and cocoa powder, etc. It really threw me for a loop.

Another good one was the first time I had ever used a spatula. A SPATULA. It was my SECOND YEAR IN COLLEGE! We didn’t own a spatula in my household. I had seen them before, but didn’t really know what they were used for – and the first time I used one, it was awesome! It was so easy to get every last bit of batter (I was likely making brownies from a box) off of the bowl and into the pan. I had never experienced such a thing!

It was not until my third year in college that I learned that you could make pancakes from scratch as well. It never dawned on me that pancakes could be made from anything but pancake mix. (My roomie, KK, that I lived with all 4 years in college liked to cook a bake, so I learned much from her.)

After I graduated from college, my good friend – Ward – and I made brownies (from a box) to bring to a party. We used 2 boxes of brownie mix in one large pan, as we wanted to bring enough brownies. However, we failed to double the baking time, so the brownies were totally raw and the pan weighed about 20 pounds.

Now if only I could make some more strides with my cooking (of dinners and the such)…

3 responses to “Reflections on Baking (maybe I’m a little bit of an edjeet)

  1. Hmm. Didn’t even know we had muffins. You been hiding them?

  2. I’m still not sure what a spatula is/does……


  3. I think I would bake more a)if I really wanted to and b)if I knew I wouldn’t finish the end product in just one sitting. So I like it when you bake 🙂

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