Exciting Times

Two very exciting things happened this weekend:

1) We finally cleaned out our two-car garage and now have enough space to fit both cars in it!  Woohoo!

2) Boom put up a keyless entry garage door opener!  And it works!  (It is the little white-ish thing on the garage door frame – far left – in the photo above.)

If we are really dirty and want to take off our shoes before traipsing all over the house, now we can get into the garage.

This home improvement project was not really very painful at all – which was great.  I do have to take a good amount of the credit – I was Boom’s sous-handy gal.  I got all the tools ready and plugged into extension cords, etc.  So I credit myself partially with why the project went so smoothly.  Yay me!


2 responses to “Exciting Times

  1. I am very impressed. Isn’t it nice to have both cars in the garage?
    Be careful in the rain today!

  2. This is a project that Park and I have been putting off for quite a while now……right now we fit one car in the garage (mine), with a lawnmower and motorcycle on the other side. We would love to have those keypads, and remotes for the second garage door too! We’ll have to call you for tips when we finally tackle it…. 😉

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