Monday was good.  For starters, it was Craft Monday!  I got to see Yarbs – because of her schedule and mine, we only got to see each other Monday and Tuesday of last week.  So it was nice to see her again yesterday. Here’s what we did:

– Went to Michael’s (the Halloween decorations are already up!)

– Yarbs kissed Big Boy (she is such a slut!)

– printed out my numerous “We’ve Moved” cards (these still need to be put in their envelopes, addressed, sealed and stamped.  Hopefully I can knock some of that out tonight!).  and these are much cuter in person – the white paper is kinda sparkly, as are the blue envelopes.  I like how they turned out!

– Yarbs brought some foam stamps over and we had fun with stamps and paint!  I finished my 2007 Year in Review pages (left – those are 4 pages, 3 months on each page) and my 2007 Year in Review mini book.  I got a little crazy with the stamps – they are addictive!

– Created our own patterned scrapbook paper with some plain yellow sheets and paint and stamps!

– Ate another delicious candied apple!  This one was dipped in caramel and then chocolate over the caramel – yummy!

After Yarbs left, Boom and I started on our own little culinary adventure:  linguine with little neck clams!  It was quite delish – and not too hard!  Next time I am going to toss spinach and roasted red peppers in the dish right before serving.  Would make it more colorful and nutritious.  We did use whole wheat linguine, but the meal was very beige…

I did have the leftover noodles for lunch (no clams, since we ate them all last night) and put them over spinach before zapping in mic – it was very tasty!

I was so tired by the end of the day – as I have always said, Craft Monday makes me tired!


One response to “Monday

  1. Another successful craft Monday! I have collected a whole bunch of tees for us to play with next week. Some we can use the front, some we can use as extra fabric.
    Hopefully I will be able to come over for lunch tomorrow – we were supposed to have a lunch meeting today and I don’t know if it will be held again (keep your fingers crossed it won’t!).

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