RIC SEALs worthy workout

This morning, at pre-bootcamp, the workout was hard! I was totally gassed by the end – which is a good thing. and it was lead by one of my favorite instructors, Bald Instructor (my other favorite instructor is Asian Instructor – clearly I don’t know any of the instructors names!). He shaves his head completely bald. Last time he was leading us, I also noticed that his entire body (arms, legs) was totally smooth and hairless. So I am assuming he shaves his body as well.

Also the last time he lead our class, we were doing exercises that caused him to yell, “Suck in your guts! Squeeze your butts closed!” It made me giggle and still does! I came home from that work out repeating that phrase. Boom liked it.

On an unrelated note – I think I am becoming addicted to iced coffee. Well, iced cafe au laits, since the color of the iced coffees I make is a light brown – lots of milk (rice and cow milk) and sugar.

Yesterday, I didn’t work out and so I figured I wouldn’t make myself an iced coffee (it is a treat and if I don’t workout, I kinda don’t deserve one). But by 3pm I was so jonesing for one – I broke down and made myself a delicious iced coffee. I was afraid that having caffeine so late in the day might affect my sleep, but it did not. I was out like a pebble last night!


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