Another Bucket!

After the success of my first try in making fabric boxes (or buckets, as I am calling them), I kinda wanted to make another one today.  So when I was rooting around in my bins of fabric and  came across some that that I had silk screened this spring back when we lived in Richmond, I figured, a bucket would be a good use of this fabric.

I probably have less than 10 pieces of silk screened fabric like this – I had no idea what I would use it for when I was printing it… until today – time to make another fabric bucket!

Here’s my really floppy form. I used a dark charcoal gray felt for the innard part.

I didn’t have any bias tape that would match, so I decided to make some faux bias tape by ironing some yellowish – wheat colored grograin ribbon in half.

Voila! Not too bad, but I am still having issues with the innard part being a little too small, so the outer part always has a little pleat. I think I know what I need to do next time, and even if I do have a little pleat, to place it where it looks intentional.

It is currently holding some of the mini-albums I have made recently. I am quite pleased because not only did I sew the bucket, I also “made” the design on the fabric – so there is Tingaling all over this puppy!


5 responses to “Another Bucket!

  1. Loves! I would like a couple!

  2. You should sell these!! They would be perfect for keeping diapers and baby stuff in the living room (or toys) and they will look really cute. Let me know if you are up for the challenge of selling them…I bet I could find a few friends to buy them too!!

  3. LOL…. I like that you’ve called it a bucket. Suits it better, I think! 😉

  4. what you could try is making the felt insert exactly the same size as the cloth “bit”, then when you’ve sewn it, try it out inside, then you can always take off a little bit off the sides. I had to take off an extra cm off either side the first time, but once I’d restitched it, it seemed to fit a whole lot better. Just start big and see if you can go down in size from there! Good luck!

  5. Andrea – You are sweet! I need to improve the technical sewing of the buckets before I can think about doing anything (except giving them to relatives) – but if you really want one, let me know and I’ll keep you posted!

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