One Track

Somehow, either last night or this morning, I came across some embroidery sites, and now have been obsessed with finding patterns!  Most of this morning has been spent on said sites (each bloggy blog has links to other good blogs!) and also on Flikr, finding patterns.  I have a boatload of patterns, just need to figure out what I am going to do with them!  What to put them on and who to give the finished product to.

Also found a few tutorials that I may try out – will have to see where the day takes me.  My House Mouse duties (dealing with boring but necessary things around the house) have almost all be completed!  And I’ve applied for quite a few jobs (and am waiting to hear back), so now I will get some time to craft away

I really need to work on a wall hanging I have had in my mind – I have a couple friends that are getting married this fall and I want to give them a homemade fabric / embroidered wall hanging to commemorate their marriage (as part of their wedding gift)!  Sounds kinda weird, I know, and I have no experience with quilting, so I am just gonna wing it.

I always have many ideas (and much inspiration) but sometimes have a hard time executing and turning ideas into finished products.  So I am try to buckle down about the wedding wall hanging today – I really do need to get cracking if I want to get it finished in time for the weddings.

Sorry no snaps yet, I need to print some of these patterns out and get them on fabric.  Maybe I will make some mini-buckets (I am calling the fabric “boxes” that I made yesterday buckets, since that is what they more closely resemble) out of fabric that has been embroidered.  Who knows?


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